Grounded Productions and BBC Arena are proud co-producers of a 90-minute documentary film about Sir George Martin – the music producer, whose hallmark orchestrations and innovative recording techniques helped shape the music of the late Twentieth Century.

The film reflects the breadth of his musical accomplishment over 60 years starting with his early life as a child born in The Depression, the war years with the Fleet Air Arm and the post war period as a music student.

His arrival at EMI/Parlophone in the early 50’s saw him work with many of the esteemed classical musicians of day. Later he turned his hand to pioneering comedy albums with some of the great British comedians of the day. Then came the astonishing partnership with The Beatles that revolutionised studio recording and his first forays into film music. After leaving EMI he turned his focus to the US and produced albums with numerous artists, was a founding director of Air Studios and built three world-class studios, including the ill-fated complex on the island of Montserrat.

The film is an intimate portrait of George; legendary producer and family man at home and at work. There are encounters with key people from his past, who engage him in discussions about his life and work.

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